Sunday, June 10, 2012

Book Whore's blog

So, my first link is to a contest being run by a very interesting lady who goes by the name Book Whore. I was looking through links and checked out her blog just because of the name. Boy, am I glad I did. See Book Whore aka Danielle features all sorts of stuff all relating to books. From author guest posts, to reviews, to her very own book club, this gal's got everything. Yes, even giveaways. In fact she right now has a giveaway celebrating her followers as she's trying to get 1000 followers. So far she has over 850 and counting which I thought was crazy! Anyways, go check her out, you won't be disappointed!

Book Whore's Blog

Follow Book Whore to 1000 G!veaway!

Alright, so there's my first link. Enjoy!

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