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Total Blueprint for World Domination Illustrated VBT

Total Blueprint for World Domination is a motivational non-fiction book for young adults. Design your dream world and make it happen! Bursting with full-color superheroes, boosted with online learning, the new edition of Total Blueprint for World Domination - illustrated takes you from this very second to your greatest dreams. So, are you ready?


The Big Why

When you write, you put pieces of yourself out into the world. It can be so freeing. It can be so scary. You are vulnerable and exposed, you are showing people who you are, and opening yourself up to judgement. And that is always a risk. Here’s me in 2015, an intermittent blogger, figuring it out:

“Today’s post theme is – why do I blog? I guess the short answer is; I don’t. Ha. Don’t get me wrong – I want to, I know it’s fun, I know it’s smart, but I guess I haven’t quite figured out my reason to blog. The awesome thing about the internet is that everyone has a voice, everyone has the opportunity to explain and connect, and that makes me hesitate – am I here to share what I know? Vent? Explore? Or treat it as a kick-start to change gears from my “day-job” writing to my “play-job” writing? I know the answer to this one: a writer writes. I don’t have to know why. Sometimes feeling your way is as valuable as having a plan. So, write on!”

So much has happened since then! Not only with blogging, but also with understanding who I am and the kind of sharing I’m okay to do. Being diagnosed as autistic was a huge turning point. Part of accepting and understanding what the diagnosis meant, was deciding what that meant about me. Would it change me? Would it change the way other people see me? Would it change the way I see myself? I had a choice: keep it to myself and keep things the same, or choose to “come out”, tell everyone, and own it. Guess which one I went with? I gave a TEDx Talk, a full-on one, a go there one, a spill-my-guts one. People called me brave, and it’s still hard not to flinch at that. I revealed for the first time publicly that I’m takiwātanga – autistic, but it never felt brave. It felt like telling the truth.

When we write, when we blog, when we put thoughts out into the world; we change things. We tell people who we are, and what is okay in the world. Because normal is whatever we decide. And yes, I’m Jolene. I’m known for talking fast, being ultra-enthusiastic, and writing books that get people excited about their life. I’m also fit-out with all kinds of exciting diagnoses (Autism! Major Depressive Disorder! Generalized Anxiety! Overall Awesomeness!) It seems counterintuitive, that someone known for optimism and positivity can be just as well-versed in the darkness, but I like to think they go together. Contrast makes light more precious, the work to achieve it more embedded. And doing this work with yourself, being okay with the light and the dark, this is what frees you. Not from caring what other people think, but from knowing that all that matters? Is what you think.

And I promise, once the first few reviews come in, the first comments, the feedback, you let your breath out: it’s going to be okay. Because this is when you realize that you were using everyone elses reactions as a mirror, but it never mattered what anyone else thought. You decide who you are, and what is okay to share. You can put pieces of you out into the world, and wait for the outside to tell you who you are. Or you can make the choice for yourself. Speak your truth, and let that truth determine our new world. The world where we belong exactly as we are – each with our own strengths and challenges, and our own dreams to head towards.

Jolene Stockman

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Jolene Stockman is a multi-award winning author, speaker, and business owner. She is also tangata whaitakiwātanga; an autistic person. Since her adult diagnosis, she has gone public with her experience - its challenges and superpowers as a TEDx Talk. Her books let you uncover your superpowers to design (and dominate!) your dream world.

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