Monday, April 22, 2019

The Ambitious Barrister and the Maid Review Tour

Sarah-Ann Jennings is quite happy to satisfy her master’s lust. Forced into domestic service by a penny pinching aunt, she is determined to make enough money to secure her own future and that of her eccentric younger brother. She rather enjoys him, besides.

There is, of course, no question of any emotional entanglement between them. Mr. Alfred Grand is a cold-hearted fortune hunter in search of a wealthy wife, after all. 

For all that, when Sarah-Ann comes to suspect that somebody may be trying to poison him for reasons of their own, she is ready to put all her energy and determination into finding out who it is. This steamy romance set in the mid-Victorian UK is definitely for over eighteens.

The man’s eye fell on me. I would have liked to think that he was wholly moved by pity at the sight of the tears welling in the eyes of the scrawny creature that I then was. There was indeed a spark of sympathy in his, but also some calculation.

That might seem to be a long word for a housemaid, but I had been educated to be a young lady. 

Mr Grand was a man who thought ahead. He saw something in me that interested him. It wouldn’t do for now, for though sixteen, I had much filling out to do. He was ready to wait, just as he was prepared to wait for the right chance to further his career. He was a man who saw potentials closed to those with a less penetrating gaze. In pursuing his goals, he was patient.  

“She will do very well, Mrs Carr,” he gave that cold smile he sometimes used. “That solves your little problem. Now, as to mine –”
The housekeeper was indignant enough to do what servants, even the higher ones, should never do. She cut him off, which was bad enough, and then she contradicted him. “Hardly, Sir. I have no time to train her, and -”

He drew back. She could not have done more to ensure I got the post. He   looked down his well shaped nose at her and cut her off in turn. “I just hired the girl, Mrs. Carr. That makes an end to the matter. See about her box and the rest.”

Later on, I was willing to bet, he would see about my box himself.

My Review:
3 stars

This definitely lived up to its description as a steamy historical romance. However, I was thrown off by the organization of the story as it seemed to be split with all the steamy scenes in the first half and then the mystery and plot in the second half.

This hampered the story as I didn’t get to know the characters that well, and only really warmed up to them once the mystery kicked in near the middle of the story.

Also, because the story was split this way, the plot in the second half ended up feeling rushed because the first half was more devoted to building up steam between the characters than building up the characters themselves or the plot. However, I enjoyed the suspense and mystery in the second half, as well as an ending that kept you on the edge of your seat till the very end.

Overall, this was a fun, short read, with an awesome closing paragraph. If you like lots of steam in your historical romances, this is the book for you.

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.*

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Author Bio and Links:
Marianna Green is lives in the UK, has a geekish fascination with English Literature and History, and an irrepressible sense of humour. 

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  1. Sounds like a book I will enjoy.

  2. I've enjoyed following the tour for The Ambitious Barrister and the Maid and I'm looking forward to checking it out. Thanks for sharing all of the great posts along the way :)

  3. The book sounds great and I appreciate getting to hear about it. Thank you for sharing!