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The Mistress of Desire & The Orchid Lover - The Quest Review Tour

Neither Tiara Blake or Delmar Devereaux has a past to be proud of. With a joint history packed with dishonesty, blackmail—and a juicy, torrid love affair—the pair didn’t expect their paths would cross again.

Can a quest to break an ancient curse give two former lovers a second chance?

After a torrid love affair, shady businessman Delmar Devereaux disappeared from Tiara Blake’s life, leaving her to raise their twin sons on her own. So, when he shows up unannounced one day, her first instinct is to kick him to the curb.

But Delmar has discovered a centuries-old curse placed on the pair by their ancestors—and he needs Tiara’s help to break it. Ending the curse means they will have to learn to trust each other, which won’t be easy when their explosive secrets are revealed.

Once again torn between lust and duty, can Delmar and Tiara discover the true meaning of love in order to break the curse before it’s too late? Or will their complicated past doom them forever?

Join Delmar and Tiara in Book II of the Mistress of Desire and the Orchid Lover on their sensually sizzling action-packed adventure! 

Delmar’s voice was sad and serious. “I come to ask the three of you for your help.  I have nowhere else to turn. The courts won’t help me. The legal system is useless,” his words tumbled out. “You see, for it was I, who started my problem in the first place, and well the courts won’t even hear my case,” he sighed heavily.

Glenda sighed. “This sounds serious if you can’t use your money to persuade the courts.”

“It is serious,” Delmar assured them. “Let me go back to the beginning. Perhaps you were aware of my case in court almost a year ago, concerning the twin sons, that Tiara Blake, had?”

“Yes, of course, it was all over the news,” Consuelo stated, in an excited Spanish accent.

“Yeah, I heard all about it too,” Nona said glumly. “The DNA found you were not the father and those tests are normally 100% accurate.”

“Yes, they are supposed to be. But there are ways around them,” Delmar paused. “You see a root worker, a spell caster. She assured me, that she could cast a spell that would exclude me as the father of the twins.”

Glenda interrupted. “Yes, but everyone knows that DNA is 100 percent foolproof and it doesn't lie. No spellcaster or root worker can mess with biological DNA.”  

“Glenda is right,” Nona stated. “DNA tests are considered infallible – they are the gold standard in court.”

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Author Bio and Links:
J.A. Jackson is the pseudonym for an author, who loves to write deliciously sultry adult romantic, suspenseful, entertaining novels with a unique twist. She lives in an enchanted little house she calls home in the Northern California foothills.

She spent over ten years working in the non-profit sector where she wrote grants, press releases and contributed many stories to their newsletter. She was their Newsletter editor for over ten years. She loves growing roses, a good pot of hot tea, chocolate, magical stories, suspense stories, ghost stories, and reading Jane Austen again and again in her past time.

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NOTE: The book is only $0.99.  The first book is available for a limited time for free on Smashwords.

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  1. It has been great hearing about your book and although I am not the reader myself, my 2 sisters and 2 daughters are. They love hearing about the genre's they like and me helping them get to find books they will enjoy. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you, Robert, (and daughters) for your interest in reading my book. If you would like to read Book I, first you can obtain it for free over at Smashwords. Here is the small link http://bit.ly/2dF8GId
      and big Link https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/667779
      I hope you get a chance to read both books.
      Again, Thanks for your interest.
      Your hospitality is greatly appreciated.
      Author J. A. Jackson aka Jerreece

  2. To the Host, I send A Big Thank You, for hosting my book, Book II of Mistress of Desire and The Orchid Lover. Please accept my sincere thank you for your hospitality. Your Blog community’s support and reception is greatly appreciated. Thanks again for your hospitality.
    Author J. A. Jackson
    P.S. Should there be any questions, I will address them as soon as I can, normally I am able to access my emails, etc the same day in the P.M. Thanks for your patience.

  3. Hello Everyone,
    Big Thank You To Everyone,
    So, sorry I didn’t get a chance to stop by. But I wanted everyone to know I appreciate your comments. If you are interested in reading the first book in this series, Book I, Mistress of Desire and the Orchid Lover is free over at Smashwords. Here is the links. The small link http://bit.ly/2dF8GId
    and big Link https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/667779
    I hope you get a chance to read both books.
    Author J. A. Jackson
    AKA Jerreece

  4. I hope your book is a success. Do you know what your next book will be? Bernie Wallace BWallace1980(at)hotmail(d0t)com

  5. Hi Joseph, thanks for your question. Yes, I know what my next release book will be, because it is already finished.I've just been so busy with Book II of Mistress of Desire that I haven't had time to release it. Also I am currently writing Book III of Lovers, Players & The Seducer. However my next release is called Diamond at Midnight! Here is the youtube video of it. I hope you enjoy the video. Thanks again for your question. Author J. A. Jackson aka Jerreece