Monday, October 8, 2018

Love at the Electric Review Tour

Walking wildfire Sam Owens gets Lillian hot in all the right ways, but there's more to the software CEO than just a pretty face. And a great body. And… Oh, right. He’s the enemy, according to the contract she signed with his rival. So when they secretly meet up for movies at The Electric, Lillian can't get too involved with Sam. She could lose her job. Her reputation. And her heart.

Sam is in love with his company, his image, his video games, and his ability to avoid commitment--at least until he levels up with attorney Lillian Walker. With her love of campy horror flicks and a body that makes him want to howl like a cartoon wolf, Sam’s found his leading lady. Too bad getting close to Lillian means tangling with her boss, a supervillain in the making.

In the nights leading up to Christmas, movies at The Electric mean more than just mutant toads and cannibal fruitcakes. Between shenanigans with old flames and an arch nemesis out to destroy any future they might have, Sam and Lillian learn the hard way that falling in love isn’t as easy as it looks on screen. When the past gets in the way of a perfect “the end,” there’s really only one solution--if werewolf Santas can bring them together, zombie ex-girlfriends can keep them together.

After all, anything’s possible at The Electric.

“I ship you guys now,” Ravi said, out of the blue.


“Shipping. Fandom. It means I’m invested in seeing you two kids stick together. So I heart your relationship. Sam’s attitude sucked for so long, but since meeting you, he’s really coming around. That’s why I want to move forward with this gaming division now. He’s like a newborn. Soft and big-eyed and completely vulnerable.”

“There isn’t a relationship at the moment. It’s kind of a work-in-progress.”

“Everything’s a work-in-progress. If it weren’t, nothing would improve. Sam’s improved a lot.”

Lillian sighed. “That’s true. But this time, the problem isn’t Sam. It’s me.” Suddenly embarrassed, she groaned and shielded her eyes with her hands to avoid Ravi’s intense gaze. “Ignore me. Please.”

“You don’t know me well enough yet to make me shut up so, no. Not going to ignore you, and I’m going to tell you what I think. You’re running bad code.”

Her eyes darted up from beneath her palm shield. “I don’t consider myself an idiot but, what?”

 “Okay, coding is all about input and output. To input tense code… I mean, inputting good code produces the desired output. If my code is bad, I get a demented program. You only get what you put in, so if you’re only giving Sam part of your code, or only bad code, then he can’t give you what you want because he can’t debug your issues. He has to see all of it to understand.”

My Review:
4.5 stars

This was an amazing read. To start, Sam and Lillian are an adorable couple. I loved their chemistry, including the should-they-or-shouldn’t-they dynamic. Having to see them fight to choose between their careers and taking a risk for love was well written, and brought the story up, rather than bogging it down in a (potentially) inane trope.

The only thing I liked more than them was the humor. I loved, loved, loved the geeky humor as it tickled my little geek heart and had me laughing out loud throughout the book. It fit into the story well (and defined this author’s writing style), and kicked it up from a 4 star read to a 4.5.

My only complaint was that the villain’s plot villain was overshadowed by the romance, to the point where I felt unsatisfied at how quickly things wrapped up and felt like Preston still hadn’t fully gotten his due by the end of the book. The information that came at the last minute, out of left field, felt especially rushed and out of place considering the flow of the rest of the book.

Outside of that, I would love to see this couple again, and while this is the first book I’ve read from this author, I doubt it will be my last.

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.*

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Author Bio and Links:
Jenn Hughes writes romance with a heavy dose of humor. A lifelong love of all things sci-fi, combined with her day job in marketing, IT, and graphic design, infuses her writing with tech-centric and geeky references.

When not reading and writing, she enjoys spending time with her family and gardening at her home in North Carolina. You might also find her gaming, repairing computers and electronics, experimenting with mixed media art, or finishing furniture.

You can find her online at:
Author Website    |    Twitter    |    Instagram


  1. Thank you so much for hosting me today! I'm happy you enjoyed the story!

  2. Who is your favorite character in your book? Congrats on the release. Bernie Wallace BWallace1980(at)hotmail(d0t)com

    1. I think my favorite character would have to be Ravi. He can get away with saying whatever pops into his head. :) Thank you for the congrats, much appreciated!

  3. Congrats on the new book and good luck on the book tour!

    Also ~ Excellent review! I really enjoyed reading it!