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Phantoms Review Tour

Phantoms is an adult fiction that tells the story of Erik Destler, a latter day Phantom of the Opera. Erik sets out to take over and rule the Palais Garnier with La Divina -  Carlotta Caccini, as his queen, but at each turn, is seemingly thwarted by his nemesis - the original Phantom of the Opera, now the Opera Ghost. Phantoms is set in that same famous Paris opera house, amidst the staging of Guiseppi Verdi’s opera, Macbeth, one hundred years on from the first appearance of Le Fantôme de l'Opéra in 1910.

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Erik expertly opened the champagne, then with a flourish, poured a little into each of the exquisitely hand-carved gold goblets, allowing the champagne to rise up then back, before topping them up. He handed Carlotta a goblet, picked up his own, then raised it to make a toast, but Carlotta spoke first.

“To us, to the King and Queen of the Garnier,” she toasted.

“And to the Phantom of the Opera, replied Erik, “I shall sit in his place.” Suddenly the air was rent with the discordant sounds of an organ before the ghostly apparition of a masked phantom appeared. His loud, disembodied voice echoing off the walls, “To thine own self be true.”

Erik leapt to his feet, alarmed, gesticulating wildly and startling Carlotta. “There… there… can’t you see it?” The phantom vanished.

“You are mad!” said Carlotta, softly.

“I saw him with my own eyes.”

“Sit down, Erik. Let’s enjoy ourselves.”

Erik went to sit in Banquo’s chair again, but the ghostly apparition of a masked phantom reappeared there again. A shocked Erik stood still.  

“Leave me,” shouted Erik, loudly, now in the mind and body of Macbeth, “leave me, awesome ghost!” The phantom disappeared.

“Shame, my lord!” Carlotta sang back at him, wondering what was happening, but ready to play this musical game.

Erik paced to and fro, now singing Macbeth’s part, pointing to where the phantom had been, acting as if he were truly mad. “That shadow demands blood from me, and it will have it, I swear it will have it!”

“What is wrong with you?” a now troubled Carlotta asked, clearly disturbed by seeing Erik unravel before her. Was this a performance, a scene from the opera, for her benefit?

“The Phantom of the Opera was here,” a tormented Erik cried. Carlotta stood up and breathed deeply. If it was a performance, he would have it. Reincarnated as Lady Macbeth, she faced him.

“Cowardly spirit! Your fright has created idle phantoms,” she sang, her powerful tones ridiculing him. Now wishing to end the disturbing performance, Carlotta picked up her goblet, and toasted Erik.

“René Bourdin has a rival. You never cease to amaze me, Erik.” Unsure of what had happened, he stood there, in the flickering candlelight, stunned into silence, grappling with the phantoms in his mind.

My Review:
3 stars

This is an odd book for me to review, as I had a divided opinion of it. First, I found the story interesting and engaging, full of twists and turns, as well as intriguing characters. I was constantly guessing about what would come next and couldn't put it down.

On the other hand, I was confused throughout the book. I didn't understand the motivations behind characters, many of whom would do irrational things with no explanation or reasoning why. Also, some of the plot elements seemed to come out of nowhere or made little sense to the rest of the story.

I was also ambivalent about the writing style. At times I found it really fit the story's tone and helped add an air of mystery. Other times, it just annoyed me, and I wished the author would get to the point. 

Overall, this is an up in the air read. You may love it or you may hate it, but you will definitely feel something for it. So if you're in to taking chances and trying new things, I recommend giving Phantoms a try.

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.*

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Michael Leon is a science fiction/fantasy writer with three published novels, Cubeball, Emissary and Phantoms. Besides those, Michael has written Extinction and Adaption and is currently writing Emissary and Phantoms: Act 2, both novels to be released in 2018. His work ranges from speculative fiction to fantasy romance. Michael Leon's work has been labelled by reviewers as speculative fiction with a thriller element. For more information, go to Michael's website.

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