Saturday, July 23, 2016

R.U.N. on the Folded Edge Review

Destiny comes for twenty-five-year-old Chuck Hendley the day his world is literally turned upside down during an amusement-park accident. There, he meets an extraordinary man, who might very well be Mr. Right. Chuck soon has the opportunity of a lifetime, when fame and fortune reach out to him. But years of disappointment have filled him with self-doubt. Will he find in time the inner strength to embrace love and become the man he's meant to be?

"R.U.N. on the Folded Edge" is a gay erotic novella. 

My Review:
4 stars

This was definitely an interesting book for me to read. This book is one of those types of stories where you find yourself questioning what the heck is going on while reading it. You know, where the plot jump around, the characters are zany and crazy, and even at the end, you find yourself questioning the ending because while it doesn't seem like an ending, it kind of fits (the movie Detention comes to mind). That was this book for me. And I loved it.

I don't want to give everything away, because this is a book that has to be read with an open mind in order to fully appreciate it. However, I can say that the characters were zany and wonderful. I loved seeing Nick and Chuck interacting, as they were adorable and had some amazing one-liners. The secondary characters were also colorful, yet they were well balanced with Nick and Chuck as well as the plot. They didn't overtake the story, a common problem I've found in story-lines such as this.

As for the plot...I will admit, this story did not go where I thought it would. And I mean that in a good way. Too many times I've found stories that were too predictable, so it was a pleasant change to find one that didn't go where I thought it would, even though that was primarily because I kept asking myself what the heck was going on. I would categorize this as a bit of a fairy tale, because I did need to suspend my disbelief in order to follow along, which frankly just made me want to read the story even more. And the sex scenes...creative and fresh, a pleasant surprise considering I usually skip excessive sex scenes (and probably wouldn't have given this book a read if I had realized it was erotica in advance). As for the ending, I would classify it as a HFN, a riding off into the sunset ending, which works for the story.

I'll admit, this is not going to be for everyone. The author has a unique and odd writing style that will annoy some people (I'm still debating if the comma errors I kept finding were done purposefully or not), yet it works for the story. I know that I liked the book much more than I thought I would, primarily because it defied all my expectations for what I thought this story was going to be based on the tags and the blurb. So if you're in to odd stories and taking chances on more esoteric reads, I highly recommend giving R.U.N. a read.

*Review copy provided via Reading Alley in exchange for an honest review.*

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