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Guest Post and Giveaway: Orbus Arcana Series by Viki Lyn and Vina Grey

Viki Lyn
Thank you for hosting me today.

Orbus Arcana is a vampire love story set during the present day. The story leans toward fantasy rather than paranormal because Vina and I have created a vampire world set in another dimension. This world has four political orders and the Jurisdictio—very much like our Supreme Court. Political intrigue is the norm (think English monarchy!) and there are vampires that would like nothing better than to see the end of ruling Kamateros family.

Vincent Kamateros is Lord Heir of the Order of Bore├ús and next in line to be king. The story begins in book 1, For The Bite Of It, with Vincent exiled to the human world for a crime he never committed. Opening up a cupcake bakery in Tempe, Arizona, he’d planned to live a quiet life until the fateful day a car crashed through the bakery and in walked Detective John Reeder.

Vina Grey
Book 2, A Bite In Time, continues Vince and John’s romance. Vina and I introduced more of the vampire world and Vince’s special powers. John’s development continues as he’s coming to terms with his homosexuality and stepping out of the closet. The mystery plot is of a killer on the loose draining blood from his victims. The relationship tension is Vince having a difficult time hiding the fact he’s a vampire from John. Should he tell him, shouldn’t he tell him?

Currently, we are writing book 3, which will wrap up Vince and John’s love story. Somehow Vina and I must find a way to make their relationship work. It’s not easy. Vincent did the unthinkable when he fell in love with a human. And to further upset his father, the king, Vincent fell in love with a man. Homosexuality is tolerated in Orbus Arcana but not in the royal house.  And sheesh…poor John in love with a vampire. How would you handle that kind of news if you found out?

Book 3, Love’s Last Bite, begins with John and Vince vacationing on a tropical island. We have yet to come up with where exactly. I’d imagined somewhere in the Caribbean, but when I received the chapter edits back from Vina she had the island in the Pacific Ocean! Oops. But these surprises are what’s fun when writing with a partner.

We are a good team, each bringing something unique to the story. Vina is a die-hard romantic and reads tons of romance. I am more pragmatic, love murder mysteries, Japanese anime and yaoi. I also read romances, but strictly gay romance. This blend of us both is what makes the Orbus Arcana series such fun for us as writers, and we’re told for readers too!

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Viki has graciously offered to give away a t-shirt to one lucky winner (US ONLY). All you have to do is leave a comment to enter. For an extra entry, either follow Vina and Viki on Twitter or join their Facebook group. Giveaway ends October 31.

For the Bite of It, Amazon buy link

A vampire, a cupcake, plus one sexy cop, is a recipe for trouble.

VINCENT KAMATEROS is an exiled vampire making a routine living as the owner of a cupcake bakery in Arizona. Until a car with a dead driver crashes through the wall of his shop, bringing after it, All-American, closeted cop, JOHN REEDER. Smitten the instant he sees John, but bound to silence by the Vampire High Council, he can never reveal his true self to John.

John Reeder can’t control his attraction to the sexy Italian baker. But as addictive as the sex is, John can't overcome his fear of rejection for being gay, and open his heart to a man with so many secrets

A Bite In Time, Amazon buy link

A dangerous secret, a vampire, plus one sexy cop is a recipe for trouble.

JOHN REEDER has accepted his love for VINCENT KAMATEROS, but he doesn't know his lover is a vampire. When a killer targets Vincent, John has to deal with uncovered secrets that blow his life apart.

Will Vince reveal his true nature to protect the cop who has come to mean more than his own life? In doing so, he might ruin his only chance for a ‘happy ever after’ with John.

Excerpt from For the Bite of It:
Yet, thoughts of Vincent kept buzzing in his mind at the most inopportune times. He savored the memory of the taste of Vincent’s skin, and the heat generated from the tight clench of their bodies. Besides that tempting body, the intelligence sparkling in those lively eyes kept him interested. They both loved water, and he’d bet Vincent would take to sailing as if he’d done it all his life. Their amazing night together hinted of what it could be like in the future.
Fuck. He missed the bastard.
But it wasn’t the reason why he sped toward the bakery. No. He had to pick up the cupcakes for the party, and ask Vincent how he obtained information on him. John parked in front of the plate glass window. Not ready to face Vincent yet, he stayed in his car for a few moments.
Putting on his cop face, he pushed on the door meeting with resistance. Looking at his wristwatch, he cursed under his breath. Vincent had closed a few minutes ago. He rapped on the glass and thought back to the last time he’d been here. If only he could brush the misgivings and misunderstandings between them under the carpet. But that's not why he came here. He reminded himself again. For the cupcakes, and to ask Vincent about his vacation.
Vincent opened the door and didn’t say a word as he disappeared into the kitchen.
Okay, so he was getting the silent treatment.


  1. Interesting post. I imagine there are all sorts of interesting things that happen when writing with a partner.
    debby236 at gmail dot com

  2. Good morning Debby. And thank you Emily for hosting me on your blog! The t-shirt is a nice black with the book cover on the front. Winterheart Design created all three of our covers, and Lex did a beautiful job. I will stop in throughout the day to say hello and answer questions. Cheers! Viki

  3. I really enjoyed the first two books! I am looking forward to what you both have in store for John and Vince!

  4. I have the first book in this series waiting on me on my kindle right now! I need to get reading. :)


  5. Thank you Ashley for purchasing the first book in this series. As the books progress, the world of Orbus Arcana is revealed. Vina and I love writing this series and we are now working on book 3. :)

  6. This sounds like an interesting series. I'll have to check it out.

  7. I hope everyone had a fun packed Halloween. I used the random generator to pick the winner of the t-shirt .... drum roll... the winner is Ashley! I will contact you for your snail mail and t-shirt size. Thank you all for commenting. Thank you Em for having me at your blog.