Sunday, June 22, 2014

Welcome to Our Newest Reviewer, Trix!

Hi everyone! I've been thinking about adding guest reviewers for a while now, and so, after two years of blogging, I've decided that it's high time I finally did it. So, it's my great pleasure to introduce Trix. Trix has been following my blog since I started, and I'm so excited to have her now join the blog as a reviewer. And now, here's Trix!

Trix's Bio:
Many thanks to Emily for inviting me (and for her patience while I took way too long to come up with this bio)!  I'm Trix, a book addict living in northern California. I never really thought of reading romances before the m/m genre exploded, and it's still my favorite by far. I have a weakness for plots involving friends-to-lovers,music, sports (especially hockey), art, and food, but it's always fun to be surprised by a story or genre. (I didn't really read paranormal before now, and I'm starting to get into urban fantasy and steampunk.) On the rare occasions I'm not reading, I'll be cooking, watching hockey (go Sharks), mainlining coffee, or haunting record stores. I can never figure out how to end these things, so I'll just say, in the immortal words of Grover: hey, everybody!

-What type of books do you like to read?
I mostly read m/m, but it's not entirely intentional. It's gotten me into some other genres I wouldn't have thought of before, like paranormal. M/M/F menage is fun,and I do read a fair amount of short story anthologies (usually on the erotica side). There are also certain themes I enjoy: friends-to-lovers, music, food, art, and sports (especially hockey, and I guess dance might count). I've been wanting to get into more steampunk, too. Of course, it's also fun when something pleasantly surprises me!

-Are there any genres you do not read?
No horror whatsoever, since I'm pretty squeamish! (Suspense is fine if it's not too gory.) I'm at the point where I don't want to read something where I know there'll be a lot of tragedy going in, even if it's brilliantly done. I'm not usually into traditional romances or Christian romances, and I usually only enjoy historical in m/m for some reason. I'm not crazy about f/m/f, or menages where the guys don't want to touch each other. While f/f isn't a dealbreaker in erotica anthologies or as a side character romance in a story, I don't read it as a standalone plot.

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