Thursday, September 26, 2013

EatGreenTea Edible Green Tea Review

Most of the powerful antioxidants found in green tea leaves are not extracted during the brewing process. When you throw away tea leaves, you are throwing away most of the nutrition. To get the full health benefits of green tea - you need to eat the whole leaf.

When you start EATING green tea instead of simply drinking it you need to be more concerned about what is in the tea leaves. We collected samples from organic farms all over the world and had them analyzed at a lab for the presence of heavy metals. We chose the farm that had the purest tea leaves we could find anywhere. That is the product that we're proud to bring to you - EatGreenTea.

We provide a number of recipes to show you that you can mix it into or put it on top of just about anything you eat. We particularly love it in our smoothies :)

My Review:
5 stars

Now, I'm sure you all have heard about the benefits of drinking green tea. My mom drinks it all the time, and tries to get me to drink it. However, I can't stand the taste, so I figured green tea just wasn't for me and forgot about it. Until I learned about this edible green tea. I was skeptical at first. Adding tea leaves to food? I had a few problems with that. First, the taste. I couldn't stand the strong taste of green tea, so what would happen when adding green tea to other food? Second, the consistency/texture. This wasn't just a powder, this was a solid food. How would that taste and feel in a smoothie or other food?

I added the green tea leaves to my breakfast yogurts. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that when added, I couldn't taste it. I was easily able to eat it, when I've never been able to drink green tea. As for the texture, it was a little off-putting at first. However, when I added granola to my yogurt, everything was fine, as the granola and the leaves felt similar, so it didn't bother me, and I had no problem eating it.

All in all, I am very happy about this product. To go from never being able to take green tea, to eating it everyday with no problems rocks. I would definitely recommend trying this awesome product.

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  1. I have never tried green tea by itself, but it sounds like something I would like. You say that the taste was way too strong for you, but I really do like things with strong flavors. It will be something that I need to at least try before I never touch it again. Adding it to food does sound like a good idea, like you said. I could always go for a green tea smoothie.